The KEN IQ4 Washer-Disinfector, is the newest and most advanced KEN machine. It offers best-in-class water and power saving and has an intuitive interface.

It has been specially developed for CSSDs, as well as in Surgical and Anesthetic wards where there is a requirement for capacity, flexibility, and full process documentation.

This versatile machine can wash up to four levels and is also available as a pass-through machine or with one door. Various accessories and racking combinations are available to suit your requirements.

The pass-through model ensures effective separation of an unclean and clean side thus optimizing the level of hygiene and reducing the risk of hospital infections.

The IQ series even allows robotic loading and unloading, thereby reducing heavy lifting and improves the working environment inside the CSSD.

High efficiency

Smart computer and sensor controlled wash cycles combined with high quality components mean high energy savings.

Tested to have consistently beaten the competition in both electrical and water use efficiency, KEN washer-disinfectors use no energy when not in use and will drastically cut energy bills, to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Fully programmable

KEN machines are able to be programmed to your exacting requirements.

Useful for reducing operator error and ensuring consistent results every-time; full programmability is available as standard. Multiple programmes can be stored and every aspect of the wash cycle is able to be configured to match your requirements.

Reliable sanitizing

The inclusion of a combination heating tank in KEN machines, ensures reliable sanitizing results.

Traditionally, any variation in line temperature means competing products become unusable at peak hospital utilization. Regardless of line temperature, KEN machines are able to control temperature internally and ensure always-on availability.

Remote monitoring

Network monitoring of performance, ties your institutions infrastructure together.

Using our optional remote monitoring service, KEN washer-disinfectors performance, faults or maintenance notifications can be diagnosed remotely to prevent equipment downtime and to improve reliability.


  • Power: 3×200-400 V, N, J, 50Hz, 10-13kW/20A.
  • Size: 1810 x 600 x 700.
  • Chamber: 597 x 540 x 610.
  • Storage for 2 pc. 5 L detergent container.
  • Water: 2x 3/4″ RG, 200-800 kPa.
  • Waste: Ø50 mm (floor).
  • Water use: 12-15 L/stage.
  • Noise level: Approx. 53-55 dB(A).